With it being a second 4 day week in a row and with a team member on holiday, there has been no opportunity to do more than cut grass this week, although growth has slowed down with the recent cold temperatures.  Eaton is usually a degree or two colder than elsewhere; the team have come in to early frosts most mornings recently.    

The greens were cut twice over the Easter weekend and are running well for so early in the season.  With more low temperatures forecast for this weekend (April10, 11), Gavin plans to cut and roll on Friday and leave them over the weekend.

The redtrack paths have been refreshed.  It’s a pity they don’t remain as attractive as they are when they are first dressed.  We’d love to find an affordable more attractive surface but that’s not likely.

Members might spot some red lines on the course e.g. in front of the 12th green.  These are underlying drain lines, found by probing for the stone fill.  Gavin is keen to get some trial mole ploughing and banding done before the ground gets too dry, starting on 12 and 15.  He will also stone up trenches to link with the surface work.  We hope this can be done without having to close any holes, but if need be please be patient and let the lads get on. 

The team will move to summer hours next week, starting at or before 06:30 - which gives them 2 or more clear hours before the course gets busy.  In summer they work a half day on Wednesday to give the ladies a clear course, lengthening the other days to make up the hours.

A number of the green-side sprinkler heads have sunk - over time they work their way downwards.  They need to be repositioned - if they lie too deep their spray arc is affected:  it also creates a trip hazard.

Alan Wood

9 April 2021



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