Disappointingly, the Stimp this week has fallen sharply to just under 8’, after last week’s very pleasing 9’ 3”.  There has been no meaningful change in treatments - greens were cut and ironed as usual, with the cut height kept at 4 mm.  We are seeing the first signs of meadow grass seed heads emerging., which will affect the speed for much of May.  We’ve had around 18 mm of rain this week, after the really dry April when we had to use the sprinklers.  Damp does slow the greens down.  It’s all very unpredictable so early in the season.

Elsewhere it’s been routine - mowing, of course, fly mowing and trimming around the bunkers, lining pond margins.  We’ve also been restoring the scarring caused by the disappearing marquee last autumn. 

Alan Wood

8 May 2022


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