Today’s Stimp was 9’ 5”, continuing a run of over 9’ readings.  Average for the year is now 9’ 2”.

It’s been a very routine week.  There has been some very light drizzle, not enough to do more than freshen up the grass.  Gavin has been watering all week, including selective hand watering with wetting agent.  Greens are being alternately cut and rolled - except Monday after the Men’s Club Championship when they were given a bit of a rest.  We are still learning about the electric mower, which too easily can be driven a bit faster than the required speed.  The cutter spin rate is set to match the set mower speed, so if the mower travels more quickly cutting effectiveness drops.

The greens have been sprayed with a mixture of seaweed (a very light feed), chelated iron, and more Primo Maxx to regulate the growth and thicken the sward.  The iron chelate is for colour, not moss treatment, which needs ferrous sulphate.  At summer temperatures that would dry the grass and surface out, letting Dry Patch run rampant

Elsewhere it’s been more course housekeeping.  We’ve been cutting more fairway areas with the first cut (rotary) mower to deal with rye grass stalks.

The long rough is flourishing this year.  Weather permitting we will schedule in the annual take before the end of July. i.e. some time after the Ladies Club Championship.  It will be harvested by a local farmer who has all the necessary kit, so some of the problems of earlier years are unlikely to arise.  He’s keen to have it!

Alan Wood

8th July 2022


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