Happy New Year!

The course came through the holiday period well, although a couple of items need mentioning.  Mainly, the mats are now out to protect the short hole tees (and the first).  It is obvious from the divot marks that a number of players are teeing off beside, not on, the mats.  Until growth resumes these scars will not heal, meaning we are likely to be stuck with them for 2-3 months.  PLEASE USE THE MATS!  The second is the usual plea to replace divots and repair pitch marks - some of them are so conspicuous their existence can only be due to some members’ lack of consideration for others.    PLEASE LOOK AFTER YOUR COURSE!

The greens were cut early in the week, first time for a fortnight.  A lot of grass came off, reflecting continuing growth during the recent warm spell.  We would also like to cut the fairways but the worm casts are a major problem in these damp conditions.  They build up on the mower rollers, lifting the cutters.  We need a dry spell to make them less sticky, and some decent frosts to push the worms down.

Other work this week included the annual pruning, which has gone well and is nearly complete.  Gavin is well on with the machinery maintenance, and is hoping the forecast dry spell over the next 2 weeks will let him get back to more gravel banding.  The recent wet weather has demonstrated the success of the work done so far, with Eaton showing better availability recently than many local courses.  Thus encouraged, we intend to press on.  The next target will be the area between the 10th green and 11th tees.  

Next week the greens will be vertidrained - steel pins pushed down through the surface to the stone carpet foundations to aerate and relieve compaction, thus preventing water ponding on the surface.  It’s an unavoidable corollary to the increased rolling we’ve been doing in recent years.

LOGS:  there is a quantity of logs by the machinery sheds, recovered from the recent storm damage.  Much of it is quite hefty!  First come first served - normally it flies out as soon as it is offered. 

Alan Wood

8 January 2022


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