Little to report this week, for obvious reasons.

Although Eaton has avoided the snow we have had significant frosts.  Whether it is the location or the topography, Eaton frequently gets more severe weather than other local areas - lower temperatures, more rain, etc.  As those of us who prepare for golf based on how it feels just outside the back door will probably confirm…

But at least the cold and dry weather brings low humidity:  the course is drying.  Sod’s law - it’s too frozen to resume banding at the moment, and there is rain forecast for next week.  Fortunately, Gavin has a farmer’s temperament where weather is involved.  And at least there is no need to cut grass.

The main activity this week has been removing the canal-side hedge behind the 7th green.  The existing hedge, which shields two sides of the green, provides heavy shelter which creates a micro-climate with still air and high humidity.  This encourages moss - the 7th is the worst on the course for it.  The existing hedge can’t be pruned or lowered because it’s entangled with the supporting metal poles and mesh fence.  It all has to come out to be replaced with something similar which we can manage better e.g. by layering.  The work in progress is pictured.

Gavin meanwhile is half-way through the annual machinery servicing.  In the early days we didn’t have a machinery hoist which meant he spent a lot of time on his back on the floor - in January.  No longer, fortunately, but it’s still cold work:  at least the hedging party have a bonfire!


Alan Wood

8 January 2021