It’s been a pretty routine summer week, with showers most days not amounting to very much - until Saturday.  As at 08:00 there was 9mm in the rain gauge at the sheds.  At least Friday provided a dry and warm respite.


Gavin has been readying for the club championships this weekend.  The cut height has been lowered progressively to 3.25mm - he needs special kit to set the blades that precisely.  On Thursday he started cutting and rolling each day; as a result the Stimp on Friday morning was precisely 10’.  The greens will be cut and rolled Saturday and Sunday mornings, so expect them to be even brisker.  Although the speed is what we would want the greens are a bit softer than ideal but the course should still present a decent challenge for the club's finest.


Tony Wellings is still off.  His infection is proving difficult to shift and we don’t expect him to be back for at least a week, probably more.  Will has a couple of weeks’ holiday coming up soon and Gavin is off for a fortnight at the beginning of August.  We won’t let the team roll holiday forward to next year.


Before Gavin goes off we want to get the hay cut and harvested to give the long rough a chance to grow a bit before the County stage their Seniors’ Foursomes in mid-September.  Plan is to start Monday 27th - but not if it is wet.


One final note:  the club’s tree expert was in earlier in the week to deal with a couple of trees he had previously identified as needing attention.  We therefore have a quantity of quite decent logs up by the sheds - available first come first served!


Alan Wood