Another week dominated by the weather.  Monday-Friday we had 24 mm of rain, about half of which fell Thursday/Friday.  It was touch and go for us to open on Friday - 2 of the other Chester clubs were closed and the 3rd had just 14 holes open.  But, the next several days are much more promising - forecast dry, with some overnight frosts.  The meteorologists call this spring, but they could be a bit optimistic.

At least, the rain washed in the lawn sand that was spread at the beginning of the week.  Lawn sand is a blend of compounds of iron and nitrogen mixed with sand.  It hits moss hard, as can be seen, and also provides a grass boost.  It also discourages worms and acts as a soil conditioner by lowering the pH slightly.  Separately, we have trialled a soil conditioner which has some ability to reduce worm casts on some of the tees.  There is some encouragement but it’s early days.

Gavin is all set up to start hollow tining the greens this week.  Multiple narrow cores are taken out which are then filled in with dressing, spreading and watering it in.  Replacing the relatively high organic content material with fresh sand-based dressing helps to produce the firm surfaces we aim for.

Alan Wood

6 March 2022


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