We had10 mm of rain Monday to Friday this week, heavy enough overnight Monday and Thursday to reimpose the trolley ban, briefly.  There has been much more on Saturday and overnight (probably around 15 mm) leaving the course too wet to open on Sunday.  Two other Chester courses also closed. 

The Pro-Flex rough mower and the copse mower have both been in action for the first time this year, just to tidy things up.  It’s not yet spring but we are preparing for it.  Has anyone noticed the prominent clumps of cyclamen in the woodland left of the second, near the stream? There are more groups of these flowers in the trees on the right of the 15th fairway.

Gavin has spread some carbon granules on the greens - players might have noticed black grit on their balls.  It will work its way down into the greens and help break down some traces of ‘black layer’, which is caused by anaerobic decomposition.  It’s a constant threat in wet conditions, and is a major reason why Gavin puts so much effort into getting air (oxygen) into the greens.

The main activity in the week has been a resumption of gravel banding.  The team has now treated the areas between the 7th green and 8th tees, between the 10th green and 11th tees, and between the 6th green and the 7th tees.  The next target will be from the 7th tee to the fairway. That more or less deals with the walkways, for now.  The new bander is due in a few days; we hope to get it started on the fairways.  The evidence from rebanding the first is that there is real improvement to be gained. 

Alan Wood

6 February 2022


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