Rain!  We’ve had almost an inch of rain between Wednesday and Saturday morning.  For now, growth remains slow but the moisture will perk things up.  A sharp-eyed member spotted that some of our trees - young but well-established - were showing signs of distress which we think is due to drought not disease.  Gavin has been able to rig up a tractor-based way to water them.

All areas have been cut, including ditch and stream banks.  Bunkers have been topped up with sand, but the reshaping we had intended to do this spring has been deferred to the autumn.  The bunker surrounds have baked so hard it is too difficult to cut the turf. The newly-filled bunkers are still quite soft but that is no excuse for players to just walk out and leave deep footprints, as some clearly are doing.  Please use the back of a club to at least partially smooth them over.

The greens were sprayed with a penetrant to assist water to overcome dry patch and get down into the root zone.  They were also spiked (using a Sarel roller, which has 2” pins that pierce the greens, allowing air and water to get below the surface).  They have been cut and rolled today (Friday) ahead of the weekend.  We were intending to resume Stimp speed measurement but there is no point doing that while it is raining:  water on the surface slows the roll appreciably.  

A member has commented on the number of broken tees left around, especially on short holes.  We are also finding higher numbers of divots on the same tees.  It's a consequence of increased play.   Even wooden tees will disrupt mower blades settings, so greens staff  have to clear them up when they are working. It would help them and improve the course presentation were players to tidy up after themselves and used the pots for tee fragments.

Alan Wood