It’s been a thin week, with half of it lost due to the Jubilee weekend and the early finish on Wednesday - mowing took priority, ahead of the weekend.   The greens have been growing vigorously, despite being sprayed with growth regulator a few days ago, with up to double the normal amount of cuttings being taken off daily.  That means we’ve had to cut every day rather than alternately cutting and rolling as had been planned.  In consequence, the stimp was only 8’ 2” on Thursday:  it’s still very variable, probably because of the intermittent rain and the continuing meadow grass seed heads.  On Friday, growth has slowed, so rolling was restarted for Saturday.  The average speed to date is in line with the historic average for the same period.

We are suffering quite badly from birds (crows and magpies mainly) digging holes in the greens hunting for leatherjackets (crane fly larvae, which eat the grass roots) - that’s why there are so many small patches of dressing to be seen.  Previously we would spray against the pests but the chemical was banned a couple of years ago.  Fortunately, it’s still possible to get emergency permission to spray on a case-by-case basis, which is what Gavin has now been forced to do, but otherwise the only treatment would be the old way of sheeting over the green at night to draw the leatherjackets up to the surface to be brushed off in the morning, which is both interruptive and very time-consuming.  Prestatyn has had to do that recently.

Alan Wood




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