We’ve had a lot of rain.  Last Saturday gave 45 mm on top of the 15 mm earlier in the week.  This week, up to Friday morning, there has been 35 mm, taking the total for the past 10 days to close on 100 mm, 4 inches, with more to come over the weekend.  That’s a lot of water!  The course can take it at the moment, give or take some time for recovery, but if we get this into November when the growth has stopped and atmospheric humidity is high it will be a different story. 

The course is too wet to cope with heavy kit at the moment so plans to tackle the pond banks have had to be postponed for at least a week.  We plan to hire a large digger with a decent boom reach, which Gavin will operate, plus a large dumper truck.  More spoil to be dumped.

There is a problem with the bunker on 4, which seems to be flooding from below with water draining through the green.  The installed drain should take water from under the green back towards the tee and into the course system:  something else must be happening.  Potentially it’s a big job.

Greens and tees have been fertilised with granular slow-release compound.

Some of the tee marker posts are being taken in temporarily for refurbishment - thank you, Keith!  If the protective varnish coating gets damaged water can get in and cause staining.

Alan Wood

10 October 2020