...between the trees on the 10th fairway, about 3 weeks ago - the scars have not still healed.  

Will anyone observing such behaviour please report it to the office, or to me?  I will not hesitate to ask the golfing committees to deal with offenders seriously.  It’s damaging, unsightly and selfish!





In other news, we had 10 mm of rain overnight Tuesday into Wednesday which disrupted the good drying that had started at the beginning of the week.  Trolleys are back on as of Saturday and with a dry cool week forecast Gavin at last hopes to make a start in rebuilding the GUR bunkers.  It won’t take long once we can get traffic on the course.

Elsewhere there are signs of normal maintenance routine gradually returning.  Greens have been rotoknifed (scarifying to 2-3 mm depth:  it’s remarkable how much dead material is removed).  This was done twice, at right angles.  It was followed up by solid tining - steel pins driven 7 or 8 mm into the greens to get air nearer the roots.  Often at this time of year we would hollow tine - much the same but removing cores from the green but soil analysis shows our root zone is in very good shape so it was omitted.  We were going to top dress immediately but couldn’t because the material was not available - production disrupted by Coronavirus.  It’s now due on Monday.

We can’t mow the greens until the dressing has washed in - the material damages the mower blades - so things will be a bit woolly for a couple of days.  The fairways are still too soft to take the mowers but will be cut this week.

Nature note:  we are hearing woodpeckers on the course.  How many years since we heard cuckoos, which used to be here every Spring?

Alan Wood