The stimp on Friday was 10’, largely due to the extended dry spell.  Greens have been cut or rolled alternately except on Friday when it was both, ahead of the weekend.  The course has dried out well and growth has slowed appreciably, which takes some pressure off mowing. 

As part of an answer to an Eaton Voice we detailed the planned cutting schedule, which is: -

Greens:  3.75 mm, reducing to 3.5 mm for special events like the Club Championships, and increasing to 4.5 - 5 mm in winter.

Surrounds and aprons:  10 mm

Fairways:  14 mm.  Winter 16 mm.

First Cut:  25 mm

Cut rough:  50 mm

Fringing rough: 100 mm.  This is a strip of rough bordering some areas of deep rough e.g. between 9 and 10, to hold balls back from the jungle Deep rough:  cut once a year as part of the annual ‘hay’ season.  We want the cuttings taken off the course rather than allow them to rot back into the ground, in an attempt to remove fertility and thin the grasses out, but it’s a lengthy process on ground that was previously farm land.

Note these heights are immediately after cutting:  growth continues!  Typical mowing frequencies:  greens cut at least every other day, alternating with rolling; cut rough once a week;  elsewhere usually twice a week.  Gavin sometimes refers to Eaton as a grass factory….

Course committee

4 June 2023


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