It’s been very much a routine week in terms of course maintenance.  The good news is that Gavin reports that littering on the course seems much reduced, with no significant discarded items.

The greens are growing rapidly - the lads are taking off more than twice as much as normal each time they mow, due to the recent heat and the rain.  It’s not due to residual fertiliser in the greens - that has washed through long since.  Next week greens will be sprayed with growth regulator to calm things down.  We also plan to clean up the surface by verticutting (micro scarifying) which increases green speed.  On Friday, as a result of the growth and it being damp and drizzly, the stimp today was barely 8’.

Gavin was off early in the week with an ankle injury but limped back on Thursday.  Tony is also off, with an infection; he could be away for several days.

We are considering scheduling the annual hay harvest for later in July, a bit earlier than last year.  There is a County Seniors’ event mid-September which was postponed from mid-summer;  we would like the rough to have made some recovery for them.  The local farmer who has collected the (many) bales of haylage generated in recent years can’t take it this year but another farming neighbour has stepped in.

Alan Wood




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