Very little to report this week.  The course remains very wet after around 12 mm rain overnight Sunday; there has been more since - a total of around 20 mm for the week.  It is now so profoundly sodden that even small amounts of rain affect its playability substantially.  Members are now reporting balls plugging on some fairways.  We need a prolonged dry and windy period - of which there is little sign, sadly.

Gavin's efforts to protect the course are not helped by some members ignoring or failing to read the signs directing play on to the winter 9 hole course and happily heading off down the first.  Come on, everyone - the restrictions apply to ALL of us!

The team have finished pruning the corpus/dogwood across the course.  They have also hand-dug the trench drains at the top of 16 to understand why water always ponds in that area.  It wasn’t difficult to answer the question:  the stone in the trenches was badly clogged with mud and the drainage pipes were blocked with clay and silt.  They were able (with difficulty!) to rod them clear.  Problem solved, once we can get a trailer load of gravel on site to refill the holes. 

Course committee 

4 February 2024


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