Rainfall this week was 15 mm, enough to keep the ground soft.  Gavin is concerned not to churn it up, so drainage work is (temporarily?) on hold.  In any case he’s been rather busy clearing up tree debris this week.  However, he is very pleased with the drainage work he’s done since the end of October, feeling that the ground is showing real improvement.  It’s all about about getting water off the surface quickly, to avoid it lying on the surface and turning to mud.  But there is a rather wet spell forecast for next week …. 

We had some tree damage courtesy of storm Arwen, unsurprising since it contained sustained windspeeds of 60 mph and gusts up to 90 mph, but fortunately it’s not been too serious.  The two rather scruffy trees behind the WooWoo suffered - one lost a major limb and the other its top, but both will survive and nature will work out how they will grow in the future.  A large bough came off the major tree just before the hollows left on 8, revealing it was already weakened by rot.  Some further surgery might be needed to make good, as might some less obvious damage higher up the same tree.  Losing the bough was probably a blessing in safety terms.  We also lost a conifer on the left of 9 from within the extended cordon approaching the green, and a couple of others deeper into woodland elsewhere; nothing significant.  The club’s tree specialists are booked to come in as soon as they have opportunity, but they are rather busy just at the moment.

A full report on the heroics by the staff on Friday night, dealing with a dangerously rampant marquee, will be included in Latest News with a summary in the upcoming edition of Eaton Outlook later this month.

Routine course work is ongoing.  Greens have been sprayed with a mild tonic to strengthen the grass, and rotoknifing the fairways continues.  And on Friday the team cleared quite large quantities of sludge from the carpark drains, which had become silted up - they’d not been touched for a long time.

Alan Wood

04 December 2021.


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