Regular morning frosts meant several delayed starts this week.

The planned deep scarification on the greens was abandoned - it was bringing up much more dressing than organic matter.  There remains the option of a second hollow tining and dressing later in the season, depending how the greens perform through the summer.

The 4th bunker drain has been relaid - it was found to be blocked with sand, despite being renewed only 2 years ago.  It was a consequence of the regular flooding caused by a failed farm drain which ran under the bunker, which was rerouted during the winter.  The 8th RH fairway bunker is also being cleared and restored.  Other fairway bunkers have been rotovated to loosen up the surface and topped up.

Greens approaches have been fertilised as part of their recovery programme, and the course mowed throughout, including the copses.  The greens needed a second cut by the end of the week,  but last week's frosts will have slowed them a bit.  We won’t start measuring speed until May - they won’t settle down properly until June.

New course furniture - flags, cups, broken tree pots, etc. - went out on the first of April, as it does every year.

Alan Wood

4 April 2022


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