Rain this week was 11 mm, mainly on Wednesday morning.

We were not able to stimp this morning because the target greens were being hollow tined and scarified.   Apologies to those playing over the weekend, but this is essential autumn work that has been much delayed by club events and weather.  Even this week work had to be stopped on Thursday due to a sudden local hail and rain storm, leaving 3-4 greens to be finished on Monday, when we will also start to top dress.  The dressing will work down into the tine holes to keep the organic content of the greens low.  (High levels = spongy and potentially diseased greens).  We can’t cut whilst the dressing is on the surface because it blunts the blades but it will quickly water down with the rain forecast for mid-week.  The greens will be near normal by Thursday.

We have topped off the long rough.  It’s not looking very pretty but the cuttings are already wilting down.  In a week or two Gavin will run the new topping deck over it again to tidy it all up.  We may also have found a reliable (??) man to cut, bale, and remove the long rough if we decide to go back to that approach.  The choice is now more about convenience and appearance:  it’s clear that it is taking much longer than we’d hoped to weaken the growth.

We have now finished speed measuring for the season.  The overall summer average came out exactly at 9.0 feet, precisely on target. The graph shows the weekly variance against the average of the past 10 years.  Given how wet it was between June and August and the extraordinary operational start to the summer that’s a good outcome.


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Alan Wood

26 Sept. 2020