At last the sun shines!  Gavin is delighted with how well the course is drying out this week, and pleased to see the course back in action.  The ground is still not firm enough to take heavier vehicles but not far off.  Although next week is not forecast to be as good as this one we should soon be able to tackle the out of play bunkers.  That will involve around 50 tonnes of material  being moved around - it needs firm ground for that.  We will also be edging out the fairway bunkers and shape them up in a more eye-catching style.

We have been able to get back to some more routine work this week, like getting the greens cut.  The fairways are still too soft, but they should be mown next week.  The bunkers have been restored after being washed in so much during the storms.

The fence by Guy Lane on the second is in place and has been underplanted with hawthorn. hedge

Gavin has been digging by the temporary pond in the hollow to the right of the 9th.  This is an area that often floods temporarily but has been much worse this winter.  He thinks that a drain he installed some years ago, to clear the water into the underlying course system, must be blocked.  The problem is that the area has been underwater for so long that the grass will have died off.  
Although it is tempting to turn the area into a permanent pond there are two reasons why we can’t. The first is that it is poor design to create a penalty area where there could be doubt that the ball entered it (‘certain or virtually certain’): the surface of the water is not entirely visible from the tees. The other, and unarguable reason is that there is a 10,000 volt cable which runs under the middle of the hollow. We know that because one of the greenkeepers nicked it many years ago and blacked out much of Waverton!
Gavin is considering shifting the spoil from the 10th bunker rebuild into the hole just to lift the base level a bit, as well as getting the drains working again.  It will mean that area being GUR for some time, but those of us who stray that way from the tee into what some know as ‘Halpin’s Hollow’, after an early and prominent club member, will be glad of the relief…

Alan Wood                 

7th March, 2020