It’s been a short working week due to the Bank Holiday.  The ongoing mild damp weather (4.5 mm rain this week) has kept the grass growing with some vigour, keeping the team fully engaged with mowing.  The grass is particularly lush; in damp conditions this causes the cuttings to clump, much to Gavin’s disgust, but it’s unavoidable, especially now we are into heavy morning dews.  Ideally, he would delay cutting the fairways until later in the day when the grass has dried but the course is too busy for that. 

The stimp this week was 10’ 1”, despite the greens not being rolled at all this week until Friday morning.

The hay bales have not been collected yet - the ground has been too soft to cope with heavy tractor and loaded trailers.  This upcoming week looks to be dry and warm and the farmer is due to collect them on Monday.  Gavin says there already are signs of new green (re-) growth in the harvested areas.

We have had to replace the baffle nets in the driving bays.  It’s remarkable how often this needs to be done.  The constant impacts wear the mesh through, necessitating prompt replacement. 

Gavin is off on Wednesday for a couple of weeks of well-earned holiday, leaving Callum in charge.  He plans to deep scarify (approx. 10 mm depth) and dress the tees this week.  It looks like he will have the right weather for it!

Course committee

3rd September 2023


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