It’s been a dry if not particularly warm week, but good enough for the farmer to leave the cut long rough to fully dry and be baled off as hay - which finally happened on Friday.  The yield (50-60 bales) is a bit lower than previous years.  The hedge-cutter was due in over the weekend but almost immediately had a machine failure.  He eventually got started 06:30 Monday morning, hoping to complete the hedge boundaries plus the ditches - Guy Lane brook and the long ditch which runs from behind the 16th down the 5th to the brook - by Tuesday.

It’s been dry enough for the greens to require nightly watering, plus regular hand treatment including wetting agent to deal with dry patch, which is best treated early.  The watering is keeping the greens soft enough to take pitch marks (HINT!) but they were still running at 9’ 2” on Friday morning.  There was a faulty sprinkler valve front left on 18 which is why it is looking burnt-up - now sorted.  The very rapid growth on the greens has slowed down markedly following the growth regulator treatment a week ago but it’s still quite vigorous for the time of year.  Elsewhere it has just been routine mowing.

Gavin has hired a large digger and dumper truck for the week commencing Monday 13th to clean up the stream banks left of 13 and along to the 2nd bridge.  He will also dredge out the sleeper section in front of 15.  There is a Course committee meeting that morning so we need to keep it brief - Gavin will be champing at the bit!

Alan Wood

3 September 2021



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