We had 35 mm rain over the weekend on top of the 15 mm mid-week.  Gavin came in and closed the course on Sunday.  There was ponding all over the place but it’s fully playable now.


The hollow tining was finished last Monday.  It removes a multitude of cores 75 x10mm from the greens, which were then verticut (scarified) to a depth of 2 mm.  This removes a surprising amount of dead grass and other organic debris.  Between the cores and the dead material he took off more than a trailer load from each green.  More than 2 tonnes of dressing (a mixture of 80% sand and 20% loam) was then spread onto each green and brushed in.  The team worked until 7:30 p.m. (normal stopping time 3 p.m.) on Tuesday to get the work completed before the forecast rain.  Once the dressing has worked down to the bottom of the grass we can mow - they were cut on Thursday.

Gavin hired a machine to scarify the tees.  He’d previously made do with another piece of our own kit but the results have not been satisfactory.  The blades penetrated the tees to 25 mm, the depth of the organic layer which was deep with 'thatch'.  It was clearly needed, judging by the amount that was ripped out.  The tees have now been dressed.

The deep rough which was cut 10 days ago is wilting down quite quickly.  It will be cut again to tidy it up.

It’s been a difficult autumn this year due to unhelpful weather and a congested calendar, meaning work had to be shifted later than ideal, but needs must… 


Alan Wood