Rain at last - 13 mm Monday-Friday this week.  Much of it came overnight Wednesday.  As expected, it seems to have had some effect on the stimp, which today was 9’ 11”.  For the Club Championships this weekend the greens will be cut and rolled each morning (normally it is one or the other at the weekend), so they might pick up a bit.

Course work this week has focused on readying for the Club Championships.  Over the weekend Gavin will have 4 men in each morning rather than the usual 2.  They have to change the holes Saturday and Sunday mornings, on top of the extra roll or cut.

Rye grass stalks are quite conspicuous at the moment.  It’s a tough-stemmed grass that prospers in hot dry weather.  Once it gets above an inch high it resists the cylinder mowers - the lead roller simply knocks it flat rather than cut it.  Gavin has run the first cut mower, which is a rotary (like a Flymo) over some of the fairways and tees. 

Alan Wood

3rd July 2022


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