We have had 55 mm of rain since last Friday - 42 mm over the weekend and another 13 mm during the week.  It has greened the course up rather well, except for one or two areas where the sprinkler system can’t reach e.g. between the 16th bunker and the green.  The stimp this week was 9’ 1”, despite the showery weather.  The hay harvest will now have to wait until after the Pro-Am, August 11th, and the County U16 Boys match August 15th.

Looking at some of the misperceptions in the membership survey, it is perhaps worth describing how we do the speed readings.  We always measure greens 9, 14, and 18 - partly because they are convenient to reach, partly because they are examples of sheltered (9th), exposed (14th) and mixed (18th) locations.  We think the different local humidities affect the speed, but definitely not in a way we understand.  We have checked other holes, e.g. 7 or 13, and found similar readings.  We monitor the different speeds between our target greens; it typically does not exceed 6”.  It’s a simple measure but we are happy it is broadly representative of the course overall.  This is the 13th year we’ve done it.

Readings are done around noon on Fridays - weather permitting - because that’s when we meet up with Gavin to review what’s been done and discuss plans for the following week.  Contrary to what some appear to think, greens are either mown or rolled daily, sometimes both (including weekends).  It’s done first thing so they are completed by 08:00 when play officially starts.  That leaves several hours before we stimp.  

Other work this week included spraying the greens with a potion of an iron salt, seaweed and growth inhibitor.  The iron discourages fusarium outbreaks; seaweed is a very mild fertiliser; the growth inhibitor thickens the sward but retards growth.

The baffle nets in both the practice nets have been replaced, again.  It’s remarkable how repeated bashing with golf balls wears them through.

We’ve done a mid-year budget review and a first draft for 2023.  Unfortunately, there are no surprises - there are some major cost increases e.g. diesel has doubled, whilst top dressing is up 20% - it is heat-treated and delivered by road in bulk. 

Alan Wood

31 July 2022


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