7 mm of rain this week, bringing May up to around 40 mm.   That follows 27 mm in April, or 67% cumulative quarter to date. It’s been dry!  Gavin has been watering most nights - just a light shower of around 5 minutes.  He also needs to hand water with wetting agent some of the high spots on the greens to prevent ‘Dry Patch’ (a fungal problem which creates a water-repellant waxy deposit on the surface which prevents water getting to the grass roots).

The stimp was 9’ 2", giving a year to date average of 8’ 7" which compares with our ‘historic' average over the same period of 8’ 6” i.e. more or less the same.

Almost all routine work this week.  The greens were sarrel rolled - 3” deep slits across the surface to help aerate the top layers and break down organic material.  We have had some very fulsome praise for the condition of the course from a long-standing visiting society, who also had some very positive things to say about the other aspects of our ‘offering’.  We get these comments quite routinely - some are simple courtesy but others go out of their way to signal their enjoyment.  It all helps the club’s reputation and let the staff know how much they are valued.

There is still no sign of our electric mower.  The local agent for Toro says he has around 90 machines on order (from the US).  Electric machines are held back due to a shortage of microchips, their diesel equivalents can’t get engines.  There seems no end to the supply issues, sadly - it might be questionable if we will see the machine this summer and there could be a lesson there for the fairway mower we hope to replace for 2023.

The week ahead will be challenging for Gavin on manpower.  He’s got Craig on holiday, 2 bank holidays at the end of the week, and Wednesday is a short day.  He’s got to get the course mowed throughout by Wednesday, with the next 4 days operating on weekend hours - 2 men in each day to set the course up, mow and/or roll the greens.

Alan Wood

30 May 2022


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