Friday’s stimp was 8’ 6”.  It’s still early, with meadow grass seedheads slowing things down.

May is turning out to be another candidate for the record books, for both low temperatures and rainfall.  The morning frosts have ceased, but this week we had 17 mm of rain including a localised downpour early Wednesday morning that flooded some areas and threatened a trolley ban.  But we escaped:  the gravel banding clears surface water quite rapidly.

The greens have been verti-cut - micro-scarifying, in which the blades only penetrate the soil by a single millimetre.  Members might have noticed the slightly ribbed appearance it causes (briefly).  A surprising amount of dead plant material gets removed, including seed heads.  It needs to be done regularly to prevent a build-up of decaying matter working down into the greens, eventually leading to serious problems.

The Turf Iron was out of action earlier in the week with roller bearing problems.  Gavin was able to replace them and get it back into service by Friday.

The clubhouse pond has again been cleared of weed and more chemical treatment added.

There has been no progress on finding a replacement greenkeeper so far, unfortunately.

The course committee meeting planned for Friday 28 has had to be postponed to a date in June.

Alan Wood

30 May 2021


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