The main event this week is:  we have sand.  It's perhaps slightly darker than our usual but not obviously so - it will blend in fine.  All the bunkers have now been filled/topped up and are in play.  The reconstructed ones (6, 7, 8, 9, 10) will still be a bit soft, although Gavin has watered them and used the whacker plate (as used for levelling patched tarmac) to consolidate. The sand takes time to settle down properly. Recommended bunker bases are 2” packed sand topped with 2” of loose.

Elsewhere on the course the prolonged lack of rain is making its presence felt.  To quantify things, in March we had 48 mm (rain more or less stopped in the third week); April 10 mm; and May 20 mm, of which 15 mm fell overnight early in the month.  These are Gavin’s figures from his rain gauge at the sheds.  We’ve gone from just about the wettest spell on record to what is unarguably the sunniest.  The law of averages is in operation, but it’s not supposed to work quite like this. 

The dry weather has slowed down grass growth appreciably - the fairways only needed cutting once last week.  In contrast, because we are having to water the greens every night they are growing vigorously.  We still are having to deal with Dry Patch, using detergent in the spray.

The greens have again been spiked to aerate and get water under the surface. They were also cut and ironed on Friday.  We have not restarted speed measuring (Stimp):  things have not really settled down to give a fair result, and logistically doing it would be a bit complicated at the moment.

Alan Wood