We’ve had 12 mm of rain this week, taking July up to around 125 mm (5 inches), around double the long-term average.  Last weekend was so wet some of the greens were still almost awash on Monday morning and needed squeegeeing.  The heavy flow in the stream loosened weed across the 15th and washed it down to the pond/silt trap by the culvert under Guy Lane.  That area will need to be cleared later this year to avoid the stream backing up:  if the water level gets above drainage outfalls we get local flooding.

The greens were cut and rolled for Thursday’s Vets Cup and again on Friday morning ahead of the weekend.  We recorded a stimp of 10’ 6” on Friday, the fastest of the season thus far.

Unsurprisingly the continuing moist conditions have stimulated growth, so the lads are having to mow more than they were in (hot and dry) June.  Conditions also favour fungal problems:  Gavin has again had to spray the greens to avert damage from fusarium but there are several other varieties visible (to an expert eye) around the course - fungi, like moss, are always with us just waiting for the right conditions to help them prosper.  Elsewhere bunkers and stream banks have been flymowed.

 On Tuesday we had an instance of course vandalism on the 16th green - see photo.  Someone has hacked into the green with a putter, so savagely that it snapped - we know that because the pieces were left on the green.  Bill is narrowing down the possible culprits:  if we can be sure who it was we will take forceful action.  Fortunately this is very rare - the main problem is minor damage mainly around the 9th tee with people coming on to the course from the bridge over the canal.


Course Committee

30th July 2023


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