We’ve had about 20 mm of rain in January, about a third of normal.  But it has been cool, moderately frosty and humid, so little evaporation. The buggy ban has only just been lifted.  

Recent breezier conditions dried things up appreciably, allowing the fairways to be cut for the first time this year - an earlier attempt had to be abandoned because the accumulation of worm casts on the rollers messed up the cut height.  It was just to tidy things up, really - not much grass came off.  Greens and tees have also been cut, after a 2 week interval.  Four ‘boxes’ of cuttings were collected - in the summer we can get that in 24 hours.  Greens have also been vertidrained and sprayed with iron to knock the moss back.  Gavin intends to scarify the greens shortly.  It will be much more severe than routine verticutting - it will remove dead organic matter to 25 mm; verticutting only goes 2-3 mm deep.  The greens will not look pretty, but they will recover quickly in the Spring.  The work needs doing as part of efforts to firm up the greens and catch up with the treatments that we weren’t able to do during Covid shutdowns. 

Following a review of ball washer locations in relation to the red tees, the washers on 3 and 9 will be moved to a more generally convenient position and additional units located by the red tees on 13 and 15. 

Gavin has had a go at trenching the very noticeable wet patch of fairway next to the old orchard on the left of the third fairway, but as he suspected failed.  There is an old tip under that area which contains rubble and, reportedly, the carcasses of cattle culled during a long ago foot and mouth outbreak.  He will try and improve the ground by surface treatment.

We’ve probably reached the end of the road investigating the vandalism incident of a few weeks ago.  The people we believe to be responsible turned out to have given a false home club, and do not appear on the EGU membership lists.  We don’t imagine they will try and return, but meantime Bill will take a less trusting approach to casual green-fee players.  









The Board have decided to spend the 2021 subscription rebate windfall on a replacement for our gravel bander - in effect, its big brother.  The new machine (illustrated) is wheeled, not tractor-mounted, and carries a much larger load of grit.  It can be operated single-handedly:  it may or may not need a second man to maintain supplies or it can return to base for more.  

Operating our current model is a 3-man job.  Not only will it be more than twice as productive as its predecessor it can operate more widely.  We are also buying a double width feed chute which should be very suitable for the walk-ways.  Gavin has managed to get delivery by the middle of February and hopes to get it in use before the main season starts in April.

Alan Wood

30 January 2022






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