We were a bit short of the rain (!) until this week, which has given over half an inch. Mowing wet grass leads to ‘clumping’ of the cuttings, which also stick to vehicle wheels and get spread around the course.  A more normal cutting frequency chops up and disperses the cuttings.

Gavin has run the old rough cutter (set at 4”) over the rough between 15 and 16 and between the 18th and practice ground.  It works quite well, tidying up these eyesore areas and making practice range balls easier to find.  It takes time to reset the blade height so won’t be done as frequently as the rest of the cut rough but it’s an improvement. cut rough

Greens have been dressed - 15 tonnes - and are due to be lightly fed.  Meadow grass seed heads are starting to show - a bit early, perhaps unsurprisingly given the previous few weeks’ weather.   High spots on some greens e.g. 5th have had to be hand-watered to prevent burning off - ridiculous when one considers where we were a month ago!  Crows are digging around on some of the fairways looking for leatherjackets (daddy longlegs larvae), which we don’t normally see - lack of golf traffic.  Earlier in the year they were ripping moss out of the greens to line their nests.

The Woo Woo is due to be pumped out on Monday.  It might be wise to close windows...

We have reviewed a suggested check-list from England Golf in readiness for a possible re-opening and believe we are ready to go.  It will take about a week to bring the course back to standard:  we have to complete the bunker refurbishment - now possible as the sand quarry has just re-opened - and lower some of the cutting heights to normal levels.
Meanwhile, here’s a picture of Lonesome George, the resident (non-indigenous) carp in the clubhouse pond - not normally seen in busier times.

Alan Wood
30 April 2020