Unsurprisingly, not much happening on the grass:  it’s much too wet for almost any traffic.  One of the team goes for a short stroll/splash over the 14th fairway to assess playability:  that's currently an easy decision.  The flooding at the bottom of 14 is partly due to the hollow area there, partly to what’s coming down the stream, and partly because (other than holes 6-11) the whole course slopes to, and drains into, the brook.  In the early days we had a second, smaller culvert put at a lower level,under Guy Lane, to clear the water faster:  levels last weekend remained below the top of the culvert, so it is doing its job.  The forecast after this weekend does seem to be improving, once Jorge blows through.  Gavin is keen to get at least the short course into action.  Look out for some firm roping off to spread out the wear, and help us by not sticking to the shortest lines.

Elsewhere there is news.  The fence etc. on the 2nd boundary is now up and hawthorn plants ordered to get the replacement hedge growing.  We have recovered all of the costs from the insurers.  The contaminated gravel edging on the road near the clubhouse has been replaced, a drain for that area installed, and the extra stone used to surface up the overflow car park.

Gavin has appointed an additional greenkeeper,  Jamie Bakewell.  He gained his greenkeeping NVQ level 2 at Carden, then left to try something else but has been drawn back to the outdoor life.  Assuming he is up to it we plan to put him through NVQ level 3 - he seems keen.  He starts at the end of March:  the extra resource will be more than welcome.

As we move into March and temperatures rise the course should recover more quickly, and, as soon as there is any kind of a course to play, it will be on the web site banner. 

There are some issues about how long it takes for each morning's input to reach the website which are being investigated.  It should be updated by 07:30 each day, often earlier.

Alan Wood