The team had their work cut out this week just preparing the course for the CGU Seniors (2 day) event, meaning extra early starts.  We didn’t have to cut new holes for Day 2 this time, which helped.  The weather was on our side, with only 3 mm of rain overnight Tuesday, but at this time of year warm cloudless days usually leads to heavy dews which means that cut grass ‘clumps’, much to Gavin’s dismay.

We stimped before play on Wednesday at 9’ 2” - the greens were damp and would have speeded up during the day.  This morning (Friday) even after only rolling they were running at 9’ 8”. 

The course proved a good test for the 62 CGU Seniors, many playing off low single figures.  The CSS on day 1 was 73 (same as the assessed), and 74 on day 2.  The winning score was 150 (73, 77) by a 3 handicapper i.e. he played to his handicap.  Only 1 player went home on Thursday with an improved handicap.  We received a number of exceptional compliments about the quality of the course and the contribution from our members in assisting - marshalling, spotting, etc.  Eaton’s reputation is very high.

The bays have been treated with wood finish/preservative, which we do 2-yearly.  The decorator reports the wood really sucks in the fluid.  We have to keep on top of this - the bays are very exposed and catch a lot of weather.

We may start topping off the long rough early next week but need to avoid any interference with the Ladies Autumn meeting.  We have sourced a suitable mower - a ‘topper deck’ - for the work.

September is when we have a ‘greens week’, when they get intensive treatment to deal with the effects of summer and set them up for the winter.  Work includes hollow tining, when thin ‘pencils’ are taken out of the surface; the holes are then filled with dressing.  This prevents the organic content of the greens increasing and thus stops the greens becoming spongy.  The greens will also be verti-cut (micro scarifying, which drags a surprising amount of dead material out of the surface).  The worry is that this is late in the season and has to be done in the dry.  If there is any risk of Monday 28th being wet we will start immediately after the Ladies Autumn meeting, which will probably mean ‘peg board’ greens over the weekend.  Apologies, but this needs to be done.

Alan Wood