Average rainfall in this area in April is 35 mm; this April we've had 8 mm.  Neither has Eaton escaped the country-wide prolonged cold weather, with frosts nearly every morning delaying the start of work - which is a problem since it frustrates readying the course before the early starters.  The new moisture meter is proving its worth:  it shows that the high points on the greens can fall to 12% moisture (ideal is 25-30%).  It’s good to have data-driven control, not guess work!  To correct the dry areas without flooding the low points on the greens requires hand watering, with some wetting agent. 

Although growth continues to be limited by the morning frosts Gavin plans to lower the greens height to their normal summer level of 4mm this week.  We plan to start stimping - green speed measuring - next Friday.

Some areas of long rough are being cut to 4” using the deck mower to improve course definition and speed up play.  Locations include the triangle just across the brook at the bottom right of the 5th fairway, between the 15th and 16th fairways, back right of the 12th green, the left edge of the old teaching ground between 10 and 9, and behind the 11th tee.

A mystery:  the clubhouse pond had become full of blanket weed, which normally is a result of nutrients getting into the water e.g. from fairway drainage, but the only area that drains into that pond is the car park, which may carry a salt load.  The fact that it was cleared of vegetation and there has been a great deal of sunlight on it this month could also be the cause. The team have cleared the pond by clawing the weed out, but now report that there are no longer any fish in it, including the large carp occasionally seen from the road. The pond has been treated to try and prevent the weed recurring.

Alan Wood

2 May 2021



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