It’s been an uneventful week, with the focus being on preparing the course for the Captains’ Days.  There was a reasonable shower overnight Sunday and a further 7 mm overnight Thursday - with more falling later in the day.  It was welcomed by Gavin, just to freshen things up.  The course has been mowed throughout, twice this week.

Green speed was 9’ 1”, quite a reasonable performance on damp grass - moisture perks up the sward, slightly slowing down the roll.  The greens are looking very good following a light spray with very weak fertiliser (liquid seaweed) and some iron to bring up the colour.  

Last week we walked the length of Guy Lane brook, surveying the banks which are slumping and eroding in various places - potentially a safety issue, as well as being unsightly.  We think we can restore these areas using a large digger rather than extending the sleepers already in place, although eventually this is likely to be needed.

Attached is the current greens speed chart.  Individual readings are not particularly meaningful, but the overall picture is much as we would like.


Alan Wood

25 June 2021

greens speeds



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