Friday’s stimp was 9’ 2”.  The greens, so far this year, are faster than last year - it’s all to do with temperature and low(er) rainfall.

It’s been a dry week, so the irrigation system is now in operation.  Our watering system is quite complex, and much too extensive for all the spray heads to be on at once.  It’s split around the course into over 70 zones which are turned on and off by a computer in the sheds.  Each zone only operates for 5-10 minutes.  We can monitor the amount of water needed with a moisture meter.  The target is 25-30% moisture content, but the slopes complicate this - a reading of 30% on the flat can be matched at the same time by 10% at the top of the adjacent slope.  Leave that for long and the grass will start to burn up.  With no rain forecast for several days we will need to start hand watering (with wetting agent) soon.

We are now into our standard summer greens management; they alternately cut or rolled daily, both on Friday.  They have been verticut - just the lightest of scarification at the surface, but enough to take off a trailer load per green - and lightly dressed.  They have again been sprayed with growth regulator.  Tees have also been verticut, sightly deeper.

We started to dress the walkways with grit but had to stop because the material was contaminated with larger stone.  It’s being replaced.

Course committee

28 May 2023



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