It’s been a shortened work week due to the Bank Holiday.

We’ve had 51 mm of rain since last weekend, including 11 mm on Saturday. - a good 2 inches overall, in old money.  The course has taken it well, as it does once it has recovered from winter saturation.  The one problem is the 4th bunker, which was totally flooded last Tuesday whereas all the others had drained properly.  Gavin had to pump it out to see what the problem might be.  There is clearly a broken legacy drain running under the bunker.  He’s rigged up a temporary  bypass for the summer but come the winter he will look for a permanent fix.  He thinks it’s one of the old farm drains which run under the 3rd fairway towards the stream, which he will try to find and divert into the original course system.  Not a small job!

Elsewhere on the course the greens height has been lowered to 4 mm for the summer.  We did our first stimp measurement of the year this morning - a disappointing 7’ 11”.  Perhaps not surprising given the temperature (there was another frost on Friday,  with rain, hail, and sleet showers through the morning).  The cold spring is delaying growth of the finer grasses:  until we have a period of warmer weather they will struggle.

Gavin completed spraying the fairways on Friday, not expecting rain.  Last week’s treatment is having an effect on the weeds but there might need to be some repeat treatments if the rain prevented the selective weedkiller working properly.

The bad news this week is that our newest greenkeeper has resigned.  He’s been ‘poached’ by Prestbury, for significantly more money.  It seems they had seen him before he joined Eaton, and although he says he is very happy at Eaton the money was too much to overlook.  It’s a blow, just as it it seemed Gavin had established an effective team.  Finding a replacement at this time of year will not be easy.

Alan Wood

10 May 2021


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