Stimp on Friday was 8’ 10”.  There had been showers earlier in the morning, heavy enough to drive most players off the course. 

There is nothing new to report on general course maintenance this week.  The heavy rain last week - a total of 88 mm, with a further 5 or 6 mm this Friday morning and more since - followed by the mid-week heat has accelerated growth, especially the greens.

You will have spotted that the flagpole is down at the moment.  Gavin demounted it when he noticed it had begun to lean. He found that the base foundations had partly failed, irreparably.  He and Callum have built a new mounting:  a 600 x 600 mm square hole 750 mm deep in which a specially made steel post, capped by a mounting plate, is embedded in high strength concrete.  The concrete will take at least a week to fully ‘go off’ i.e. harden, and then the pole can go back up.  Not your average greenkeeper skill, but Gavin loves a challenge!

Sadly, there have been an increasing number of instances of littering on the course - drink cans, crisp packets, cigarette ends, etc. - which really let the course (and Club) down. It can only be our own members.  Now that the litter bins have been reopened there is no excuse for littering - if there ever was one.  Please will members help to keep the course tidy, pick up your own litter and broken tees and repair pitch marks on the greens.  It’s simple course etiquette:  we shouldn’t need to ask!

Alan Wood

27 June 2020


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