Not too much to say this week, which started with/after a series of storms.  Fortunately the course was not much affected by them, unlike Arwen last year, but nevertheless there was still a considerable amount of brash scattered across the course which had to be collected and burned.  The tree surgeons followed up on their urgent visit just after Arwen and have identified £600 of essential work which needs to be done promptly.  Because of Arwen we have brought forward the 3-yearly tree and work survey cycle by a year.  Regular and responsive tree work actually reduces the likelihood of storm damage. 

The course has been put back together following the storms - the flagpole went back up on Friday, whilst earlier pins and signs were replaced.  We lost two of the (metal!) fingerposts which direct people around the clubhouse, which are also being repaired and replaced.  Greens were cut on Friday:  the cut height is still relatively long at 5 mm.

If anyone is wondering what the structures being built in the farmyard by the 3rd fairway are, the answer is they are a form of giant Connect 4 for the Crockery Trail - so I am told…

Gavin is impatient to spread lawn sand to knock back winter moss and give the greens a tonic, but it needs to be watered in.  Since the irrigation system is still drained down that means waiting for rain - shouldn’t be long!

The new gravel bander arrived earlier in the week.  Gavin hopes to get it in action shortly, initially on the stretch between the 7th tees and fairways, and then move on to the 14th fairway.

Alan Wood

27 February 2022



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