Self-evidently it’s been a dry week, although the greens remain quite soft, displaying pitch marks.  Gavin reports vigorous growth right across the course, with the greens yielding 3 times normal cuttings daily - he thinks it’s due to the warm ground and the recent solid tining letting water down to the grass roots.  He sprayed with fungicide at the beginning of the week - fusarium was also becoming rampant - and included some growth regulator which has now begun to take effect.

We are still in holiday season so have been 1 or 2 men down through the week.  Greens have been cut daily, tees and fairways 3 times and rough once.  What is very apparent, as well as the growth, is worm casts, which are really severe this year.  It has only been possible to roll the greens these past couple of days - the dressing is still prominent and has prevented greens being rolled until later in the week.  Ideally we would not cut either, since the dressing plays havoc with the cutters but we can’t not cut with growth at this rate.  The cut height has been lowered temporarily to 3.5 mm to try and cope with the growth.

The stimp today was 9’ 2”, which takes the summer’s average to just over the target of 9’.

We’ve had one possible response of interest to the greens staff advert.  An interview will be arranged early next month.

Progress on the hay harvest is a bit erratic.  The farmer is very busy but he’s happy to fit it in as and when, including evenings.  He’s probably going to take advantage of this very dry spell and take it as hay, not haylage.  It should be bailed and removed early next (this) week.

Alan Wood

27 August 2021



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