The stimp today was measured on a mixture of greens that had been verticut (see below) and not.  The uncut 9th was slow, probably due to its sheltered position and heavy early dews.  We still managed an overall 9’, maintaining the overall average at the target of 9’.  Green speed is a running topic:  for interest read ideal recreational speed of between 8.5 to 9 feet.

The course has been quite busy this week, with the Merseyside Alliance and visiting parties - and a passing Duke.  Gavin has verticut the greens - precision scarifying which removes a surprising amount of dead material, considering cuttings are always boxed up and removed.  If left on the greens it works down into the surface, setting up the dreaded ‘thatch’.  They were then overseeded with bent grass seed (which looks like pepper dust, and needs to be sown before the ground temperature drops) and lightly dressed.   The greens can’t be cut or rolled until the seed and dressing has worked into the surface - the rain forecast for Monday should sort that out.

Gavin has started working on the walkways (tee-fairway, green-tee) to start the course playability programme.  They have been cut and will be kept at fairway height to encourage evaporative drying in the winter, and have also been dressed with coarse grit.  This will have to be repeated regularly and will take time to have an effect, but we’ve made a start.  

Alan Wood



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