Callum has been the man in charge this week - Gavin is in Spain enjoying the weather and the lack of early starts.  Eli has also been on holiday.  

It’s been a better week weather-wise, with a mere 1.5 mm of rain.  More importantly, it’s been breezy with a reasonable amount of sunshine, especially later in the week, yielding some good drying conditions at last.  The forecast for the next few days is also quite promising.  The ground is improving quite quickly, but it had been extremely wet.  Off the fairways is not good, and will be slow to improve.  The 9 hole experiment was quite successful, although inevitably it did have an effect on the course:  we wouldn’t have wanted it to continue too much longer.

Conditions improved enough during the week for the course to be mown throughout, other than the deep rough.  It’s a virtuous circle - firmer ground allows us to get the mowers out, and shorter grass dries more effectively, thus enabling the mowers.  Fairways, tees, fringes, aprons and greens (twice) were cut, although we had to use the older fairways mower which has treaded tyres - the newer machines are fitted with slicks and couldn't get enough traction.  If we get the frosts that are forecast that will slow or almost stop the growth, thus reducing the need to mow i.e. winter conditions.

We were able to resume banding on the 18th, but we need to sensible about it - banding when it is too soft can smear over the slits and impair their effectiveness.

Course Committee

26 November 2023


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