Two visiting parties this week, including the 2 day Artisan group, went out of their way to praise the course.  The Artisans said it was the best they play on.  It’s normal courtesy to pay compliments to the club being visited, but these remarks were well above what might be expected.

It hardly needs saying, but we’ve had another warm and dry week and, unsurprisingly, the Stimp has stayed high  - with Friday’s result being 10’ 7”.  Again, no special efforts are being used to increase the speed - just the normal routine, alternating cut and roll except Friday when we did both.  We are watering every night at the moment; the course really could do with some rain.  It looks like we will get our wish this week.   

Gavin would like to vertidrain the greens - solid steel pins to aerate and decompact the turf - but there is a risk that this would leave a bumpy surface running up to the club championships so it has been deferred, but he has been able to treat the tees.  Otherwise, the bulk of the week’s work has been routine, including more spot treatment of the clover which is having a boom year.

You won’t have heard, but the main news of the week is that we now have an electric greens mower in operation.  Like all-electric cars it is full of electronic controls, and Gavin is having a field day exploring the fine details of the set up.  There are no hydraulics, so greens being damaged by hot oil leaks is a thing of the past.  This morning the mower got round the full course in under 3 hours, using about one third of its charge.  The attached photo shows how simple it looks ‘under the hood’ - in truth, just a load of batteries, which power a number of electric motors on the machine.  The more we can charge it whilst the pv cells on the shed roof are delivering the better, as we can cover most of the operating costs.  

Alan Wood

26th June