Only 4 mm of rain this week, up to Friday (more since!), which kept the ground firm enough (just!) to let Gavin get the hired excavator into action to clear the 3rd, 5th, and 6th ponds.  They do look at bit battered but it will settle down by the spring, and the overall appearance of the course will benefit - ponds are as much about visuals as hazard and need to be seen.  The digger lacked sufficient reach to clear some of the reeds in the 3rd pond:  we may need to do something manually.

The 6th pond can be seen here.pond

Never one to waste the opportunity of surplus hire time on the excavator Gavin has tackled the 11th bunker, which was scheduled for reconstruction this winter but using our own mini-digger.   We want to reshape the sand line and alter some of the external contours.  It looks as though we will be able to avoid major returfing i.e. keep the costs down.  The bunker will remain GUR:  there will be some fresh turf to lay and the drainage will be cleared before the spring.

Gavin has also rechannelled the one-time pond in front of the red tee on 2 which has been allowed to evolve into a wetland area.  We are required to ensure that water from the stream can get away freely under the road, but trying to maintain it as a pond was a perpetual process due to the amount of silt washing down.

The team were able to cut all the grass during the week.  The cut rough has been lowered to 4.5cm (1.75”) for the winter - the ground dries more quickly under shorter grass.  Greens are at winter height of 4.5mm and the fairways are up to 14mm. 

Alan Wood




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