The hot dry spell continued through the week:  the lack of rain has slowed growth appreciably, with the rough only needing to be cut once.  Greens are being watered every night, with some daytime hand watering to ward off dry patch.  Gavin and the team have had their work cut out these past few days:  with two club championships to prepare for,  he had to change the holes each morning, and was running out of suitable positions.

The cut height has been raised back to 3.5mm, but despite that we recorded a speed on Friday of 9’ 5”.

Weather permitting we hope to cut the long rough this week (July 26th).  It’s a bit earlier than recently but the farmer doing the job this year has large contractor equipment which we can’t let on the course unless the ground is very dry.  Also, event and course activity congestion later in August dictate the early date.  The forecast is suggesting some rain across the week, which might delay the harvest - the last thing we or the farmer want is cut material, which can’t be bailed, rotting on the ground.

The week’s bad news is that Jamie Bakewell has resigned, for personal reasons.  We seem fated:  this is the 3rd time in the 18 months since we increased course staff to 6 that we’ve fallen back to 5. What with resignations/retirement and Covid Gavin has rarely been able to operate with his planned complement.  We are now into staff holiday season.  We will post the vacancy but it's not a good time. Other courses have been looking for some time without success.

Alan Wood

25 July 2021


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