Not much to report this week - it’s Autumn, the soil temperature is dropping and growth is slow.  Eventually it will stop.  The greens will continue to be cut occasionally during the winter, essentially for appearance reasons.  Greens have been fed with a low nitrogen fertiliser, which will strengthen the grass rather than promote growth.

The full course has been cut, ahead of the Four Counties Boys October 26-28.  We’ve had 9 mm of rain so far, enough to soften the ground.  It’s just as well we brought Preferred Lies in when we did; there has been enough rain to soften the surface, creating ‘mud balls’.

The worm casts are bad on the fairways - they smear under the mower rollers.   There’s nothing we can do - the spray suppressant we used to use is now banned. Worms are protected in the UK because of their beneficial effect on the soil.  There are 27 different species in the UK. 

The greens were fed earlier in the week, mainly to keep the grass healthy rather than stimulate growth.

Alan Wood

24 October 2021


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