Rain at last, and more evidence that Eaton has its own very local climate.  Friday’s readings at Hawarden and Westminster showed 9.5 mm of rain, but Eaton had 33 mm in the rain gauge at the sheds on Saturday morning.  Many bunkers were washed in.

The farmer decided not to start the hay harvest on Monday, fearing the rain forecast for mid-week - which didn’t happen.  We need to avoid the Am-Am on August 11, so if it’s not taken soon it will have to wait.  The farmer has also started grain harvesting, and we are not a priority.

It was too wet to stimp on Friday - there is no point when there is water on the greens.  On Monday it was so hot Gavin sent the lads home early - it’s not pleasant sat on a mower at 35-38 degrees.  He's been double watering overnight - 10 minutes per sector rather than the normal 5.  There are about 72 separate watering zones which the new irrigation controller turns on in sequence - some in pairs - so at 10 minutes each the system is on nearly all night.

On Monday we found a burst main behind the 16th tee.  It was essential it be repaired that day - it was - for us to water that night.  Some of the course plastic pipework is quite fragile.  A length of pipe had split, suggesting it had been damaged at installation.

We have removed the 2 large shrubs from the island on the 5th pond to help discourage the Canada geese nesting - they have been very interested in recent years.  The shrubs had become disproportionately large for the location in any case.  Some thought has been given to whether we might remove the entire island but no conclusions reached.  It would not be before much later in the year, and would need consultation.

Alan Wood

24 July 2022



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