I called in to the course today:  I had a legitimate reason for being out and about.  It was the farthest I’ve been from home for a month.  

The course is looking wonderful, and all is well.  Gavin says they just are managing to mow across the course once a week, but it’s a stretch.  When the grass is growing much of it really should be cut twice a week, not once - if it gets long we get cuttings lying about - unsightly and a 'loose impediment'.   But he is keeping the course under control, which is the objective.  Gavin, Callum and Jamie all insist they would far rather be working on the course than sat at home whilst the furloughed 3 say they are bored… There will be plenty of work for them when we are able to reopen! (Jamie's picture can now be seen on the website - Course overview / Greens staff)

Gavin has managed to get a load of dressing delivered and plans to get a light greens treatment in before the course reopens.  That should hold it for the summer.  Next week he is also planning to weed-kill the fairways with the new sprayer we bought this year - daisies don’t do lock-down.

We’ve gone from non-stop rainfall to drought; the clay ground is now baked really hard - we actually want rain.  Our new moisture meter (bought to get better use from the upgrades in the watering system) showed we needed to turn the sprinklers on:  they are in use nightly.  Attached is a photo of the new 14th tee showing how well the turf has established and how the surrounding area has been contoured in with soil.  The grass that has been sown on the bare area is now starting to sprout.  14th green

The nuisance caused by young people coming on to the course has gone away, thanks to Russ speaking to the right people in the village - much more effective than chasing them off.  As a thank-you Gavin has created a 4 hole pitch and putt course for him on the grassed area opposite Bill’s shop - see below.

Russ P&P

Alan Wood

25 April 2020