It’s been another short working week, so all attention has been on mowing.  The whole course has been cut, more than once - it takes up to 2 days to get round the 2” cut rough.  Greens are growing well, with 3 boxes taken off each day.  The new all-electric roller had its first run out.  It performed well but we have some learning to do about how it is charged.  During daylight it gets first dibs on the output from the pv cells on the roof of the sheds.

Elsewhere, the Waterways people came in to clear the Victorian brick drain culvert running under the canal part way up the 8th, and water-jetted the link down to the start of the ditch behind the 16th green.

We have agreed to boost the wild flower project, buying some more seeds and a number of plant plugs to be planted in the autumn.  These flowers are typically fairly sombre - they are not country cottage varieties.  Their main purpose is to increase insect diversity:  those that know their moths say it is working, with a number of previously unseen species now to be found.

We have also decided to apply to participate in a national DEFRA carbon capture project.  They will provide around 800 trees (whips) free and some funding:  we have to plant and care for them.  We have identified various suitable areas around the course margins consistent with the original architect’s vision for the layout.

We plan to remove ‘Preferred Lies’ by the end of the week.   With no rain forecast for the foreseeable future we should be fine, and in any case the rules say it should be done by the end of April.

Alan Wood




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