new drain

It has been a dry week. The ground is still quite soft but firm enough to let the vehicles operate. 

Gavin is getting back into a more normal early year routine.  The greens have been sprayed with fertiliser and iron to strengthen the grass and upset the moss. They have been cut again this week and solid tined to get air down to the roots, and will be top dressed. Fairways have been cut, as have the approaches and aprons.  The fairways and first cut will get shaped out to restore course definition, one of my favourite spring moments.

Bunkers are now ready to be sanded up.  Gavin hit a snag in the rebuilt 11th:  the bunker drain was partially blocked.  He found that one of the original course drains which picked up from the bunker plus 2 others was extensively choked with tree roots from the adjacent copse.  Rather than dig it out he chose to lay a new section of drain which bypassed the trees.  Remarkably, the job was done in less than 2 days - it’s just the challenge he likes!  See photo.

There is now a log jam of tasks to tackle, all of which need tractors mounted with different machines - trencher, slitter, mole plough, trailer, etc.  Weather permitting we will resume banding next week. 

Talking of mole plough, here is a photo of the new addition to the shed collection.

Alan Wood 6th March

mole plough


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