Overnight frosts most of the week prevented work on the greens.  We haven't been able to reposition the holes until Friday - the first time in a fortnight. 

It’s also been a dry month (year!) thus far, and there is good weather forecast for the rest of the month - no rain or frost.  Next week we will  verti-drain the greens, solid tining to a depth of 10 inches, to improve drainage and get air deep into the root zone.  We will then be able to get back to the drainage work.  This winter has  been everything the previous 3 have not!

Elsewhere, members will observe that new irrigation pop-ups have been installed on the aprons in front of 13 greens.  We couldn’t do the others  because there is no convenient course water.  Laying water on to the rest is possible but more difficult, so we will wait and see how necessary it might be.  The watering system is still drained down, of course, so the extensions can’t be commissioned until later in the spring.

Alan Wood

23 January 2022


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