It’s a pleasure to see the course well-populated with players. 

It remains abnormally dry, although we did manage 2 mm of rain last (Thursday) night.  With Friday’s sun and persistent strong winds it will not have made any meaningful difference.  Gavin continues to water and spot treat the greens with detergent to counter dry patch:  he reports they are now getting on top of the problem, although it is a resource-hungry task.

We have managed to mow all areas this week twice - getting back into the normal summer regime.  Greens were sarel rolled (‘spiked’) to aerate and get water under the surface on Monday followed by a normal pattern of cutting and rolling - including both on Friday, ahead of the Bank Holiday weekend.  The tees were sprayed earlier in the week, as planned.

Gavin has managed to find an alternative sand, which looks pretty sim ilar to our normal material albeit perhaps a bit darker.    We know it is in use at more than one prominent course in the area. Coincidentally it is from Eaton Hall quarry, near Congleton.  It should blend in with our current sand reasonably well, and if it performs satisfactorily there is no reason why we should not move to it from our current material. Freshly filled bunkers take time and work to firm up; please be patient.

The old fairway bunkers have needed a fair amount of work, in addition to routine edging out and tidying up.  As a result of all the rain throughout the winter and the prolonged heat they have had since it stopped raining the sand has baked hard.  Gavin has had to use a rotovator to break up the surface and make it rakeable.

Gradually, we are getting there.

Alan Wood

22 May 2020