Today’s stimp was 8’ 2”.  We’ve had just 5 mm of rain this week, but have also used the irrigation system a couple of times to wash down the dressing that was applied on Tuesday.  20 tonnes were added, taking the year to date total 70 tonnes.  There is no doubt the treatments this year - hollow tining and dressing - have firmed the greens significantly:  there are very few pitchmarks these days.  Later in the summer we will send core samples from the greens for organic material analysis (plant debris, which is what creates softness), which will determine whether further treatment is necessary.  


Greens and tees have been sprayed with Primo Maxx, a growth regulator that encourages sward density rather than height.  The meadow grass seed heads are quite prominent, and inevitably have impacted on the speed.  Our greens don’t come into their own until June, unlike meadow grass greens which start into life earlier in the year.  Elsewhere on the course it’s been routine maintenance.


On Friday several of us spent the morning divotting.  The course has long needed it but there is no point until the seed in the divot mix will germinate.  It needs doing at least a couple of times a year but it is particularly galling when we come across marks like the attached picture, which show quite clearly where people have taken repeated shots i.e. practising.  What makes it worse is that it looks from the divot marks that they were made by a capable player, someone who should know better - and certainly does know that divots must be replaced.  It’s been said before, but for absolute clarity, anyone observed playing multiple shots on the course should be reported to his/her Captain for disciplinary action to be taken.


Alan Wood

22 May 2022


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