It’s been a quiet week, with heavy overnight rain on Wednesday.  There are still several temporary ponds e.g. in front of the 8th black tee, the hollows left of the 8th short of the two bunkers, etc.  There is still no growth, fortunately - we couldn’t have got the mowers out even if we had wanted to.

The full team were in all week.  All the cornus (dogwood) copses have been pruned with a hedge trimmer - they didn’t need severe pruning this year.  The ditch down the 5th has been strimmed:  it’s remarkable how many tree saplings establish in those locations.  The greens  have been fertilised with granular material using a manual spreader (it’s too soft to get the tractor-mounted sprayer out).  They need a boost - so much rain has gone through them there is zero nutrient left.  The small black tees have been treated with lawn sand to discourage the moss.

Next week the team plan to edge out and reshape the fairway bunkers that were not tackled last winter.  It will mean piles of debris around the course, to join the pruning brash which is dotted about.  Gavin is praying for enough dry weather to let him get the trailer out and clear up before we re-open!

Gavin has been given the go-ahead to recruit a replacement for Tony Wellings.  It won’t necessarily be straightforward -  he reports that other clubs (e.g. Wilmslow, Prestbury) are also recruiting.

If anyone is considering standing for the Course committee and would like to understand what might be involved please get in touch (;  01606 79927).

Alan Wood

6 February 2021