It’s been another more or less dry week, allowing us to continue the programme of groundworks Gavin has mapped out. 

We’ve made a lot of progress this week.  Following the earlier wide gravel banding at the start of the 1st the same work has been done in the 2nd green/3rd tee/fairway area.  It took nearly 3 days and used more than a truck load of stone.  It costs over £700 a load - we’re getting through a lot of stone at the moment!  The bands link into trench drains that were installed some years ago.

The carry at the start of 15 was mole-ploughed to locate the original course drains, which lie about 2’ deep under clay. These were opened up using the trencher and filled to the surface with stone.  We hope the mole plough channels will link into the gravel.  Although there are mixed views on its effectiveness there have been encouraging results.  It will probably need to be repeated regularly, but it’s straightforward.

We’ve also located the original drain lines at the start of 18 with the mole plough and will repeat the work on 15 in this area.

We must remember that much of this work is experimental, with little precedent elsewhere for us to copy.  Fundamentally, we cannot transform Eaton into a Delamere.  The objective is simply to make the course more playable in wet conditions.  We will need to wait and see how the affected areas respond when we get heavy rain - but there is no impatience for that.  Meanwhile, we will press on whilst the ground permits.

Alan Wood

21 November 2021


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