Another wet week.  We've had 17 mm Monday to Friday, on top of 25 mm last week.  We were not able to stimp this week - there is no point when it’s raining.  The course is taking it well, even when at times the rain was heavy enough to create puddles (briefly) on some greens.  One local course was closed one day last week.  But even if we could we don’t expect to attempt any drainage work until early autumn - there is too much on the calendar to plan in the disruption.

As further confirmation that Eaton has its own, more severe, climate, on Thursday Gavin measured 10 mm in the gauge at the sheds whilst Chester weather station at Hawarden registered a mere 0.75 mm.  It has also been cold.  Let’s hope the warmer drier weather forecast for later next week actually happens - we are due some!

On the course it’s been almost all mowing - we are now a man down and have Bank Holidays to deal with.  The greens have been alternately cut and rolled all week, and will be both cut and rolled on Sunday for the Spring meeting, as well as moving the pins early Sunday morning.

The blanket weed (algae) on the clubhouse pond is back.  We learn it is due to the reed removal in the spring stirring up the pond bottom and releasing nutrients into the water.  Another attempt at clearance will be made shortly.  Gavin is also trialling a worm treatment on half the tees:  their casts are a serious nuisance.

Thus far there has been an unexciting response to the advert for a replacement greenkeeper; it has another couple of weeks to run.

Alan Wood
22 May 2021


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