The course is fully playable i.e. trolleys are fine, but it’s still soft enough to mark up under heavy loads e.g. trailers.  Hopefully the dry spell will continue as forecast and the improvement can continue.  

The banding on the first has been completed.  See photo for detail.  The entire fairway has been done, with the slits extending into the cut rough at either end of the runs.  The slits are about 8” deep and 1” wide (as initially cut), filled to the surface with fine gravel.  They soon close over with soil.  The slits intersect with trench drains which connect to the original underlying course drains and thence to the brook.

Gavin has done some experimenting with the new mole plough at the top of the practice ground to see how it runs.  He’s pleased with it (operationally - it’s too soon to look for results), and will be looking for an opportunity to treat an area on the course as soon as possible.

Spring preparations are progressing well.  Greens and tees have been top dressed, which has been well brushed in.  They won’t be cut until the dressing is down to the base of the grass, but elsewhere the course is back to routine mowing.

The refurbished bunkers are being re-sanded.

All will be ready for the 29th!

Alan Wood

19 March 2021


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