Overnight temperatures hit -7 more than once this week. Gavin was hoping to lift the carry-only restriction on Friday but frozen snow intervened.  He was able to lift restrictions briefly on Saturday but rain on frozen greens caused flooding on Sunday, forcing a move to temporary greens.  With rain and wind severe Met Office weather warnings in the first part of next week, courtesy of storm Isha, further limitations are inevitable.

The team have kept busy by getting on with the annual tree pruning.  It mainly involves clearing lower branches, but it does take some time. The stumps of trees taken down late last year (40 dead or sickly specimens) have been ground out.

Refurbishing tee marker posts is virtually done and machinery servicing will be completed this week.  It’s a jolly cold job - although it’s all done under cover the sheds are very draughty.

Course Committee

21 January 2024


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